Stephen Ross “not dealing with” questions about Deshaun Watson

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wants to trade for quarterback Deshaun Watson. Ross also wants to not be fined for tampering, presumably.

Via Mark Maske of the Washington Post, Ross declined to address questions from reporters about a potential trade for Watson.

“I know what it’s about and I’m not dealing with it,” Ross said.

That’s all he can say. The rules prohibit an owner, coach, G.M., etc. from expressing public interest in a player under contract with another team. Although the tampering rules are sporadically enforced, there’s no reason to risk catching the league’s attention.

When Tom Brady was approaching free agency in early 2020, Ross said the Dolphins aren’t interested. It’s permissible to do that. The violation arises if Ross says he’s interested.

Meanwhile, Ross doesn’t need to say it. He is. By next Tuesday, Watson is likely to be traded to the Dolphins or the Panthers.