Ed Reed: I tell Lamar Jackson great QBs don’t take hits, I hope he plays 20 years like Tom Brady

One of the greatest players in Ravens history wants Lamar Jackson to stay healthy long enough to carve out his own special place in NFL history.

Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed told Kevin Clark of TheRinger.com that he advises Lamar Jackson to be careful about the way he plays so that he can stay healthy long enough to have a career like Tom Brady has had.

“I even give constructive criticism — constructive criticism — to Lamar because I want Lamar to play 20 years like Tom Brady. I don’t want to see Lamar get a catastrophic injury like the running quarterbacks of our past,” Reed said on Slow News Day.

Reed said the 24-year-old Jackson needs to protect himself so that he doesn’t end up like Cam Newton, who is out of the NFL at age 32.

“I want him to win a championship before he becomes like Cam Newton,” Reed said of Jackson. “As big as Cam was, those hits affected Cam. Those hits caught up with him. That affects your throwing. A quarterback has to throw the ball. I always said this and I stand on it: Great quarterbacks don’t take hits.”

Jackson has so far managed to stay fairly healthy despite running the ball like no other quarterback before him in NFL history. But if Jackson is going to keep playing for another decade or two, Reed thinks he may have to change his style a bit.