Will Russell Wilson make one last run at getting traded?

The Seahawks are sinking, with a 2-5 record only one year after going 12-4. The low point could come this weekend, if Seattle loses at home to the 1-5 Jaguars. (Seattle currently is favored by only three points.)

Before the season, quarterback Russell Wilson rattled the cage about a possible trade. The effort culminated in his agent claiming in one breath that Wilson doesn’t want to be traded before saying in the next breath that Wilson would accept a trade to the Cowboys, Raiders, Bears, and Saints.

Wilson eventually opted to love the one he’s with, given the possibility that the presence of a new offensive coordinator will take the team, which hasn’t been to the NFC Championship for seven years, to the next level. That hasn’t happened, with concerns spreading this year to the defense, too.

Wilson’s absence due to a finger injury has made things worse. Given, however, that the absence of Wilson apparently has made coach Pete Carroll appreciate his quarterback even more, the team likely becomes even less inclined to move him.

Whether they will or won’t is a different question from whether he’ll try. Wilson is keenly aware of his legacy. He wants to win Super Bowls. The Seahawks seem to be a long way from contending for another one. If he’s going to make another play to get out after what quickly is becoming a lost season, why not make the play now?

Think of what he’d do with a team like the Saints, one of the four teams his agent mentioned in the offseason. Or how about the Browns, whose biggest question mark could be at the most important position on the team?

We’ll likely never know if Wilson’s agent makes one last behind-the-scenes run at making a trade happen, unless it progresses to actual trade talks. Given the issues from earlier this year and the strong possibility that he will make another play for a new team after the season, there are plenty of reasons for him to consider the possibility of making the jump to a new team in time to try to get back to the Super Bowl and win it, this year.