How To Disable Apple TV Keyboard Notifications on iPhone

Let’s face it, trying to input text using the navigation buttons on a television remote is annoying, and unfortunately, Apple TV is no different if you are using its Siri remote. Thankfully, Apple has a feature that lets you enter this text using your iOS device’s touch keyboard. To assist you with this feature, Apple sends a notification called ‘Apple TV Keyboard’ whenever you or someone else in the house is trying to search on your Apple TV. While this notification is, as it appears, a quite useful utility, it does not take long before it becomes annoying, especially when there are more than one Apple TV in your house or when you are not the one watching TV most of the time.

Additionally, despite the option to disable the ‘Apple TV Keyboard‘ notification being mentioned on the support page of tvOS, Apple has removed the option in the latest iOS 15. If you are on iOS 15 and you want to disable the notification as soon as possible, we recommend you update the version to iOS 15.1. The option to disable the Apple Keyboard notification is reinstated on this version. Once you have iOS 15.1, you can disable the Apple TV Keyboard notification in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Find the Settings app on your iOS device – iPhone or iPad – and launch it. Select the ‘Notifications’ option from the list of settings.

Step 2: On the next screen, you will see a list of notifications settings grouped under various sections. Under the ‘Notification Style’ section, touch the ‘Apple TV Keyboard’ option.

Step 3: Once opened, the next screen will show you a toggle in the first option asking if your device should ‘Allow Notifications’ from Apple TV Keyboard. Switch the toggle to off position if you do not want notifications from the feature.

Step 4: If you ever wish to re-enable the notifications when you are using Apple TV and you need the feature, you can follow the exact same steps and set the ‘Allow Notifications’ toggle to on.

There is another option as well. For example, if a silent notification does not bother you that much, and you prefer it over having to enable and disable the notifications from Settings each time you use Apple TV, you can disable just the sounds of the notification. To do that follow the above steps till the third step and then disable the ‘Sounds’ toggle on the next screen. Additionally, you can also choose where the notification can appear, for example, notification centre, lock screen or banners. Choose only ‘Notification Centre’ to keep it the least disruptive.